Global Health Projects completed for the GHS Certificate (selected)



Funding Resources/
Organizational Affiliations

Pandemic-ology!  A 5-Week Course Exploring the Social and Biological Aspects of Pandemics (2021) Iowa City Latham Science Engagement Fellowship Program
Understanding and Improving the Vaccination Coverage of the Indigenous Kichwa of Napo, Ecuador (2019) Ecuador Kenneth J. Cmiel Internship Funding Program
The Modernization of Traditional Healing in Chinese Healthcare (2019) China UI Study Abroad
The Impact of Vocational Training in Seven Under-Resourced Communities in Mysuru, India (2019) India GHS Summer Internship Program
Using Photovoice to Examine Nutritional Concerns in Refugee Populations in Iowa City (2018) Iowa City Merge
Assessing Access to Reproductive Care and Contraception among Syrian Refugee Populations in Jordan (2018) Jordan Stanley Award
Special Olympics, International Health Athletes Special Smiles Screening Data Analysis (2018) Iowa City & Intl Virtual AADMD
Greywater Community Gardening in Amman, Jordan (2017) Jordan UI Study Abroad
Socio-economic Status and Health of Latino Migrant Workers in Iowa (2017) Eastern Iowa Proteus, Inc.
Assessment of Community Health Initiative Gadyen Dlo Program (2013) Haiti Community Health Initiative, Haiti
Evaluating Biodigestor Technology's Impact on Rural Women and Sustainability in La Florita, Limon, Costa Rica (2012) Costa Rica World Food Prize Internship