The Global Health Studies Program offers a graduate certificate as an add-on credential to either a PhD, MA or MFA. All course offerings and more detailed requirements are available in the UI General Catalog.

Graduate Certificate in Global Health Studies

The graduate certificate in Global Health Studies is an interdisciplinary program requiring coursework, a Global Health Project during which students address an important global health issue in a systematic way, and a report and presentation on the completed project. The certificate is open to University of Iowa graduate and professional students, except for those in the College of Pharmacy who have earned the Pharm.D. degree; they are awarded the undergraduate certificate. Other students are awarded the graduate certificate by the Graduate College.

Learning Outcomes

  • identify the core areas of Global Health such as infectious and non-communicable diseases, maternal and child health, food sovereignty, environmental health, health inequalities, and interventions;
  • address an important global health issue in a systematic way by developing a Global Health Project; and
  • recognize the ethical challenges involved in interventions designed to improve health and health equity across cultural and geographical boundaries.

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