Madeleine Bradley
A Hidden Epidemic:  Uncovering the Risk Factors of Chronic Kidney Disease of Unknown Etiology (CKDu)

Lindsay Cobb
Water Inaccessibility in South Africa:  Current Spatial Patterns and Future Impacts of Climate Change

Hallie Lartius
Taxation & Health:  A  Cross-Country Analysis of Taxes as a Share of GDP and National Health Indicators

Charlotte Lenkaitis
Campus Food Pantries:  Exploring Sustainability of Student-Led Pantries and Perceived Administrative Support


Isabelle Breitfelder
Disrupting the Narrative of Global South to Global North Immigration:  Media Portrayals and the Immigrant Experience

Emily Brekke
Therapeutic Recreation as an Alternative Mental Health Treatment in Local and Global Corrections

Anna Chestnut
Transinstitutionalization and Iowa’s History of State Confinement

Laura Hult
Understanding Women's Decision-Making Process for Delivery Care in Rural Bangladesh

Meghan Lindell
Moral Politics of PEPFAR:  A Ugandan Case Study

Allexis Mahanna
Local and Autonomous Community Migration Responses:  Case Study of Barcelona, Spain

Brittany Nguyen
Challenges of the HIV/AIDS Epidemic in Vietnam

Emma Sillman
Economic Imperialism and Its Role in the Rise and Decline of the Pharmaceutical Industry in Puerto Rico


Lucas Fagre
Healthcare Perceptions among Patients and Physicians in Kyiv, Ukraine

Adriana Herrarte-Wirth
An Investigation on the Transition of Tuberculosis within the Former Soviet Union

Maiti Peters
Abortion and the Repercussions of Unintended Consequences:  The Mexico City Policy a Case Study in Tanzania and South Africa

Anna Vos
Behind the Screens:  A Cross-Cultural Analysis of Prenatal Ultrasound Use in Vietnam and the United States