Thursday, June 23, 2022

Maegan Tyrrell graduated from the University of Iowa with a B.A. in Health Education, a minor in Spanish, and a Certificate in Global Health Studies in 2019. She discusses how her experiences while earning her Global Health Studies Certificate prepared her for her current position as a Clinical Trial Research Assistant at University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics.

Was Global Health Studies your original major?

I was originally Pre-Medicine like a lot of University students, but I realized during my second year that I should pick a new path.

Photo of Maegan Tyrrell

What course or courses at the University of Iowa have been valuable to you in your work right now, and what would you suggest to others?

I recommend that any individuals interested in the health field take a Global Health Studies course because the skills I learned within the courses have taught me a lot about my research. I work with a wide range of individuals, and the Global Health Studies courses taught me the proper way in which I should interact with these individuals.

Did you partake in research, an internship, or anything outside the Global Health Studies requirements? If so, how did that prepare you for your job now?

Through my Global Health Studies Certificate program, I was able to land an independent research position during my undergrad, which helped me realize that I wanted research to be my full-time job.

"Sometimes it's okay if your first plan does not work out....Something better may be waiting for you."

Do you feel that the university fully prepared you for the workplace?

I feel that I was fully prepared by the university for my career because I was able to get some research experience before graduation.

Within your field, what do you suggest to someone who's looking to go into a similar position as yours?

I would suggest that if interested in research studies, you should try to get a research position during undergrad so that you are able to know some of the basics of research studies.